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SPOKK – insurance platform for pet owners

SPOKK is a next-generation micro-insurance platform operating on a subscription model with a smooth online registration. With an embedded AI model, it can swiftly recognize a dog's breed within seconds and expedite prescription processes in a few seconds comparing with a few days as an industry standard. SPOKK offers comprehensive coverage for all pet treatments related to covered injuries stemming from illness or accidents. Through its online platform, SPOKK shields users from unforeseen costs and bureaucratic hurdles associated with pet accidents and illnesses.






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Alexandra Gladyshevskaya

CEO, Co-founder of SPOKK

SPOKK is a micro-insurance solution tailored for pet owners, developed by founders who share a passion for pets themselves. As we witness the positive impact our product has on pet owners, we’re confident that further digitization can amplify its benefits and streamline the pet insurance process. With over 10 years of experience in the insurance industry, our previous collaboration with outsourced product development has been limited and unsatisfactory. Tetracode seems to be a reliable partner, and we would like to entrust the development to you.

Oleh Mishchenko

Co-founder of Tetracode

It’s great that you reached out to us, despite past negative experiences with outsourcing. Many businesses, once failed, hesitate to venture into development again, but your determination is admirable! We share our tech and startup experience, providing verified frameworks, and being a reliable partner for your further growth as a startup founder.
We are about to make a code review of the previous outsourcing team, conduct a discovery phase with necessary UI/UX research, and create a product that is truly user-friendly and reflects your core idea – micro-insurance can be quick and simple in terms of both application and service for customers. We’re going to elaborate and technically improve two parts of the insurance flow – covering and claiming. Furthermore, we already have ideas on how we can integrate cutting-edge AI and make the product even more technological and innovative.

Our Solution - web platform aiming to help pet parents easily cover their pets and resolve claims with a click

Dedicated team

With our dedicated team, there’s no need to hire additional employees. Our experts combine skills and knowledge to ensure that your requirements are met efficiently and without the hassle of recruitment.

Web app development

We developed a web application for SPOKK, which included both a client part and an admin part for business with connected insurance aggregator to ensure seamless interaction on insurance claims. Moreover, being one of the pioneers, we've integrated AI into the system for image recognition to define a dog breed and match the photo with a dog on the platform.

Communication strategy

Tetracode has conducted the discovery phase and developed a communication strategy and designs, which are still in use today.  We’d also developed a widget with gamification techniques that pop-ups aiming to show trigger events for guests to see how others use the platform and how far they are.

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