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Comin is a e-Commerce system which allows owners of content websites to sell products of online stores directly from the page. With Comin, there is no need to go to the online store, users can easily make purchases directly on the affiliates’ websites. Additionally, Comin features a built-in rotation mechanism. This mechanism is automatically triggered if a product unavailability in the store. The system then autonomously selects a comparable product from the database as a replacement, without requiring any input from the content site owner.







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Case Story

Pavel Lypysyvytskyi

CEO, Co-founder of Comin

Having my own e-Commerce platform, I was aiming to promote it, attracted customers and scaled. Currently, I have potential partners with their own content resources who want to promote my products, but each website has a different structure and core, so it became too complicated to do so. I would like to create a universal affiliate tool to promote my marketplace by offering the products on content resources of any kind.

Oleh Mishchenko

Co-founder of Tetracode

I understand your perspective. It’s true that there’s a huge amount of technological solutions and affiliate networks available out there. However, Tetracode proposes taking a step further by creating an affiliate network equipped with powerful easy-to-integrate tools and reaping its benefits.
The concept behind this network involves embedding a universal widget onto partner websites. This widget utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze page content and recommend relevant products. As a result, this universal affiliate system can seamlessly integrate into any website, enhancing the likelihood of link clicks by presenting contextually relevant products.

Our Solution - affiliate marketing tools platform

Dedicated team

With our dedicated team, there’s no need to hire additional employees. Our experts combine skills and knowledge to ensure that your requirements are met efficiently and without the hassle of recruitment.

Web platform development

We have developed a web application for Comin, which included dedicated environment for administrators, affiliates and merchants, and each of them can manage their affiliative marketing and check useful information into their personal accounts such as sales, traffic, statements, etc.

Widget development

Tetracode has developed a few types of universal customizable widgets for partners that are easily integrated and work on any website. Website users can get all the necessary information about a product and make a purchase on a merchant’s website. Additionally, if a product is out of stock, an active link or a link to a similar product from the Comin catalog will be automatically selected and inserted in the widget.

Workflow scenario / stages

We create products users like to engage with


CTR increased with relevant product matching via widget


eCPM increased by Comin Smartlinks


goods in catalog


registered affiliates

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