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MARPO Crewing System – ping-pong issue solution

MARPO Crewing System is a platform that unites a tripartite system - crewing company, ship owner, and seafarer. It begins with the hiring and onboarding of all crew members, extending to further rotations. Crewing, seafarers, and shipowners have dedicated functionality, enhanced with AI scoring and onboarding tools, eliminating unnecessary interactions with further automation throughout the entire lifecycle. The system is integrated with notifications about the necessary next steps to advance recruitment processes, reach KPIs, and maximize revenue potential.








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Case Story

Viktoriia Razumova


Frustrated with the limitations of off-the-shelf crewing software and previous outsourcing experiences, we, as a maritime crewing agency operator, found ourselves at a crossroads. Current CRM that we’re using, a ready-made, not custom solution, hindered our expansion plans and failed to address our industry-specific challenges. Seeking a bespoke solution, I turned to Tetracode to overcome the hurdles that had stunted our growth.

Oleg Mischenko

Co-founder of Tetracode

We’d come up with a tripartite system that is intended to resolve the ping-pong issue between crewing, shipowner, and seafarer.
Each part has its environment with the dedicated functionality to seamlessly maintain business processes, including docs verification, interview screening, scoring, and embarkation. A shortlist of candidates can be smoothly approved by the shipowner.
From a seafarer’s perspective – being onboarded once a person should only follow notifications to accept the best job offers.
Moreover, the prototype includes AI mechanics, which will significantly reduce the time to fill a vacancy through automation.

Our Solution - crewing system where crewing, shipowners and seafarers’ routine get automatized

Discovery phase

Studied the company's business processes and pain points in detail, structured and optimized it. Dived deeply with market and competitors research, and off--the-shelve solutions in order to articulate a competitive concept.

UI/UX development

The tripartite system takes into account both common interaction scenarios and special cases, solving problems as simply and efficiently as possible using AI.

Prototype development

We've developed a concept of the tripartite system - crewing, shipowner and seafarer as a market analysis showed lack of connections and tonnes of lost interactions. Clickable prototype practically shows how the vast majority of the features and easily demonstrate future product advantages for a potential investor.

Workflow scenario / stages

We create products users like to engage with


operations have been handled by AI


time decrease for a crewing manager


crewing process has been reduced

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